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These Associates Are Being Recognized For Their Accomplishments In February 2020

MAD Streak Qualifiers

The associates below qualified last month for MAD Streak! MAD Streak stands for Making A Difference. By protecting at least ONE family per month, you are MAD Streak Qualified!

Performance Club Qualifiers

The associates below qualified last month for Performance Club! By Performance Club Qualifying, you are eligible for monthly bonuses, perks, incentive trips, and more! Learn more by clicking HERE!

Top Recruiters

The associates below were the top recruiters last month!

Top Producers

The associates below were the top producers last month!

Team Unlimited Executive Profiles

The associates below have reached the Executive Director or above rank in Team Unlimited!

Kevin Mohler

Gold Executive Director

Network Vice President of AL LA & MS

Founder of Team Unlimited


My background is running a construction crew in residential construction, and going to college full time for Architecture. I saw a DVD on LegalShield and was instantly hooked. I've used the service dozens of times, and built the business starting in my spare time to going full-time in 7 months. I reached Executive Director my 16th month in the business, and have been blessed to help many others reach the same. LegalShield provides freedom that no other opportunity can, and our future will only continue to get brighter from here!


Letwan Hall

Executive Director


Ashley Nowden

Bronze Executive Director


Camilah Pope

Bronze Executive Director


Sara & Andy Brenner

Executive Director


Ohio natives Sara and Andrew Brenner have recently realized LegalShield is different than anything they have ever done. Long-time entrepreneur Sara owns a multi-line insurance agency focusing on business and voluntary benefits and has her MBA from Liberty University. Both she and Andrew are graduates of Ohio State and hold different licenses with the company. As an elected official since 2004, Andrew currently serves as a state representative. The Brenners love LegalShield not only because of the products, but also due to the supportive leadership, fantastic compensation plan, easy-to-follow system, and the ability to recruit and develop a huge team. Their focuses are on recruiting, B2B/benefits and changing the lives of others through the amazing and unique opportunity that LegalShield provides.

Rob Barnett

Bronze Executive Director


Billy Brown

Executive Director

Regional Manager


Billy J Brown II is a Published Author and Motivational Speaker who joined Legal Shield in April 2012 and has made it to the Director Position. He loves to help others. Billy's hobbies include spending time with family and coaching Little League Football and Soccer. What he loves most about LegalShield is the ability to help the average american access their rights and to be able to set his own schedule, enabling him more time with his family and the things that he loves.

Alan Hill

Executive Director

Alex Shahid

Bronze Executive Director

Regional Manager

My father has owned his business for 45 years, but I knew taking it over was not something I was ever going to be passionate about.  I was a full time college student, a part time personal trainer, and a part time server at a restaurant. I prospected Mr. Justin Norris as a personal training client and he shared a DVD with me on LegalShield.  I was hooked! After making $3600 my first full month I knew this was something I could get passionate about for a very long time.  And the rest is history! 

David Dolan

Bronze Executive Director


I dropped out of college, served in the marine corps 4 years, did 2 tours, one to Afghanistan, and honorably discharged in 2013. I started bartending and working other jobs throughout the next couple years staying extremely busy just to pay bills and get by. Finally, I was introduced to this opportunity 13 months ago by a great friend of mine. I was in a very rough position at the time, just being kicked out of an old roommates house and then living with my best friend at his parents house. I decided to dive head first into this opportunity and I knew it was my way out. Within a few months, I was living on my own and fast forward 12 months, I qualified for the BMW bonus in June and since then just started aiming for higher goals. Went to convention as a SENIOR MANAGER, and ended the month as an Executive Director!! I'm just getting started!

Mike & Kat Parlier

Executive Directors

As a traditional business owner I soon realized the American dream can turn into the American nightmare.  Running three businesses simultaneously began to take its toll of me physically, mentally and financially. I was looking for a way to get out.  After multiple lawsuits and a costly divorce I saw LegalShield. With LegalShield I began to dream again, to realize that I can accomplish the goals and have the desires that I originally wanted to have through traditional businesses. But more importantly it was a strong desire to help those who were facing situations like I was. I wanted to lift those people up, inspire and motivate them to achieve their own success.  I wanted to be able to spend time with my kids and give them quality and quantity time and expose them to the same leadership principles I was being exposed to.  But one of my main motivating desires was to earn the respect of those I respected. To change the world one life at a time.

Rodney Holder

Executive Director

Rodney Holder is blessed to be “America’s Premier Identity Theft Prevention Adviser”, a benefits broker and author. He has delivered over 2000 presentations in the area of leadership, sales and privacy. Coming from a family of business owners, he understands the real challenges that owners and employees face in their personal lives. He has spent most of his professional life working through the ranks in the fields of sales and marketing and becoming a National Sales Manager (three times). He spent ten years with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce helping business owners. Now, LegalShield gives him the opportunity to serve and encourage others.

Justin Norris

Bronze Executive Director


Monique Williams

Bronze Executive Director

Kwana Pryor

Executive Director

Corey Maxwell

Executive Director

Rank Advancements

The associates below were promoted last month!

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